Communicating without words

Bub has started to be really expressive with his hands. All those sing and sign classes are finally starting to pay off. He has started to sign for ‘more’ and ‘finished’ which he uses for both meals and bath time. It’s really impressive.

I know many mums and dads feel a bit guilty after going to sing and sign that they don’t do enough signing at home. But we haven’t been great at remembering to do this and it’s still sinking in and coming through somehow.

Although he can’t say much beyond ‘dada’ and ‘ugh’ Bub understands so much. We can give him quite complex instructions like ‘go over there and put x in y’ and he’ll do it.

Really cutely he’s learnt to put up his hand to signal agreement with things. We ask him questions like ‘put your hand up if you want a strawberry’ and he does. It can be very funny. Using this technique his daddy found out that he does like apples but he doesn’t like poo. And he is a baby but isn’t a monkey. He’s pretty consistent too, it’s not random.

All a really interesting first step into communication.


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One Response to “Communicating without words”

  1. Lisa | Says:

    We didn’t take a sing n sign class, but I read a lot about baby signing and was fascinated by it, so we started doing the signs for milk, sleep, food, and a few others when our son was about six months old. By the time he was a year old, I had pretty much given up on it, because he was showing no interest in either talking or signing. He was over 18 months before he finally started trying to talk – and I was so excited when he suddenly started using the signs we had used for all those months with his new sounds! So I guess it was going in after all, he just wasn’t ready to communicate.

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