Routine for a seventeen month old

Before Bub was born I scoffed at the idea of a routine. I hated doing anything regular and repetitive, right down to doing the same commute more than two days running.

So imagine my bemusement to find myself with a pretty standard routine for Bub. We started this to try to help improve his daytime naps and I do think it has helped. Our routine has always been led by and followed Bub, rather than being parent led. But having found something that seems to suit him we stick to it pretty religiously. It has evolved as he’s got older though.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Bub’s current routine (aged almost 17 months.)

9am Wake, have 6oz bottle

10am Breakfast

12.45pm Nap, usually at least two hours, sometimes over three

3.30pm Wake, lunch

6.45pm Tea

8pm Bath

9pm Have 7oz bottle, story, bed

It’s a bit of an odd routine in some ways. Because of his lengthy nap he has lunch very late. We know at some point we may need to slip lunch to before his nap. But for now he seems totally fine to go such a long time between breakfast and lunch.

His mega naps are a total godsend. All those months of desperation at his reluctance to sleep when he was younger. I do think the routine helps here to encourage a longer sleep. But I know it won’t last forever. Even now he still has days when he just won’t settle, maybe getting 45 minutes nap and maybe less. But when it does work it’s great, giving us all time to get some r & r!

Final positive is his late starts. This is really down to very strict use of blackout curtains. Plus being very lucky that he doesn’t have to go to nursery so we can schedule his whole day later. This also means I get plenty of time to spend with him when I get home from work. Plus at the weekend I get a relative lie in!

So how does this compare to your little one? When might we start to lose the super-naps? And what can we do to put this day off as long as possible?


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2 Responses to “Routine for a seventeen month old”

  1. Sara Says:

    My little guys are almost 16 months, and up until now have been napping twice, 11 am and 3 pm. One baby naps 15-20 minutes each nap,and the other naps 1-2 hours.

    This past week has been difficult in terms of the morning nap, so I’m trying to switch it to one earlier afternoon nap.

    Our schedule now is:
    9 am wake
    9:30 breakfast
    12:30 lunch
    2 pm nap
    5 pm supper
    6 pm bath
    7:30 pm bottle and bed

    They have snacks if they ask for them, or if they’re getting really crabby 🙂

  2. Jenny Says:

    Well done for getting two little ones onto a broadly similar pattern. Imagine it’d be almost impossible otherwise. Good luck with the transition to one nap!

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