The bowl haircut is fashionable, right?

I often hear mums talk about how they cut their children’s hair for the first few years. Given that their kids generally look cute and well groomed I thought that this would be pretty straightforward. Sadly this didn’t turn out to be the case for us today.

Bub has been sporting a rather dashing mullet these last few weeks. It was definitely time for a little trim. I was putting it off as I didn’t want him to lose his baby locks. But today it felt like the right time.

Bub clearly didn’t think so. He started to cry at the first cut and screamed his way through the whole thing. Because of this I had to stop pretty quickly. And now the little lad has a very dodgy bowl cut haircut. He’s still cute but the hair cut really is pretty ropey.

Photos will follow but, as per usual, our camera batteries are all flat.


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