Baby safety? Pah!

20110622-004038.jpgNot very impressed with our new baby safety gear. Bought some drawer/fridge locks to keep Bub out of some of our kitchen cupboards. You have to flick up the catch to open them. I thought they were pretty tough to get into. But three days after they go up and I find Bub cheerfully flicking them open and shut and chuckling at his genius. Three days….

Our kitchen regularly looks like we’ve been burgled from the ransacked drawers and I hoped these locks would at least keep him away from the bleach and other really undesirable stuff. But clearly he had other ideas.

Oh, and he can also now open closed doors. Today he successfully used the handle to open a door. Arghh! This is all too much.

Any ideas for keeping tiny hands away from those areas you really need to seal? What baby safety stuff do you recommend?


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One Response to “Baby safety? Pah!”

  1. Says:

    You know what the most effective baby lock in our house has been? Velcro! I kid you not! Check it out:

    We have regular child safety catches on all the other cupboards in the kitchen, and our toddler can open all of them. He doesn’t flick the catch – instead he just bangs the door repeatedly until it doesn’t catch properly and opens for him.

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