The big question: do peas cause hiccups?

Summer seems to have arrived at last. After seemingly weeks of rain and lowish temperatures today it was baking hot. Bub and I spent plenty of time in the garden (yes he had suncream on). But it was really so hot we had to come in frequently. He was pretty grouchy today which might also have been due to the heat. We’ve not had any time to acclimatise yet.

Another summery activity, I introduced him to peas in the pod. He loves peas and found it fascinating to see them pop up when I opened the pod. He didn’t eat many as I think they were a bit too hard for his limited teeth. But he did find them very entertaining.

A final odd thing. Bib got hiccups loads today. At least six different bouts. And he hardly ever gets hiccups. I can’t remember the last time. I wonder if it was the heat. Or perhaps the peas? Having googled it is seems like this might be a world first. No-one has previously linked peas and hiccups before. Will this post become a most-visited page as people check out their pea-hiccup queries? We’ll just have to see.


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