All work and no play

Feel like I’m working all hours at the moment. Tonight we had an evening event and I didn’t get home till midnight. Yesterday I was travelling – 2.5 hour journey each way – and left the house at six am. I’m knackered. I also miss my Bub. He’s having a fab time hanging out with his daddy and his uncle and getting visits from cousins and aunties. Going to softplay and playgroup and having a whale of a time. But I do miss my little lad – can’t wait for the weekend!

How do you handle the times when your work means you are away from your little one? Work life balance sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?


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One Response to “All work and no play”

  1. Jill Says:

    do you know what I thought though, as I cycled home from work this evening? no matter how good or bad a day I have, I know I’m going home to my little boy, and that improves every day!

    although, I don’t ever have to travel for work so that does help.

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