Best high chairs – some advice to restaurant owners

Bub’s uncle is visiting at the moment so today we went out for a lovely meal to celebrate. Or at least it would’ve been lovely if I hadn’t had to spend the whole meal with Bub on my knee as the restaurant’s baby chair was rubbish to the point of unusable.

I don’t know why some restaurants and pubs have such crappy provisions for babies and toddlers. This was a wooden booster that attached to the normal chairs. But it was on an angle so poor Bub was hanging off it and had no stability or support. He protested very quickly and I then had to spend the rest of the meal with him on my knee, eating food one handed and getting covered in his discarded houmous*.

It’s not the first time I’ve eaten somewhere with poor baby chairs. Quite a few places do booster seats rather than ‘proper’ separate high chairs. I can imagine they store away very neatly and seem a good idea. But listen, please, restaurant owners. THEY ARE RUBBISH!! Babies and toddlers need much more support. And given their small size bigger kids probably wouldn’t fit in them anyway.

My other pet hate when it comes to high chairs is when the cafe owner has clearly given no thought to whether their baby chairs fit up against their tables. How many times have we been places which provide a tray free high chair which is too tall to pull up to the table. And often they create a table-chair finger trap destined to hurt little hands. Argh! How is a baby/toddler supposed to eat if the table is 8 inches away? I guess this is a bit of a baby led weaning moan but by 18 months most kids are enjoying feeding themselves and this makes it all but impossible.

My ideal restaurant highchair would be a freestanding one with a detachable tray. That if needed could fit up against the table. Is this too much to ask?? The Ikea one is cheap, stylish, stacks neatly and is easily cleaned. There are plenty of others that’d also do this job.

So please, if you have a cafe/pub/restaurant/whatever, spare a thought for your toddler customers and their parents and GET A DECENT HIGHCHAIR OR TWO!!

* Bub did us proud on the BLW front today. We ordered a mezze starter which we shared but kept mainly for him. He happily chomped away on houmous, falafel, olives, carrot, cucumbery dip, flat bread and takziki. Yum!


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