Carnival day!!

Today was carnival day in my home town. So of course we all headed back. Last year Bub was only five months and whilst wonderfully portable he wasn’t really able to appreciate it much. This time around at 17 months he was well into everything. He was also a total monkey, running off everywhere and not giving anyone a minutes peace.

For a small town carnival it was pretty impressive. One of the first things we saw was a miniature train with a smiley face. As an avid Thomas fan he thought this was great and really enjoyed having a ride. They also had live music and different performances. He got to see some donkeys and go on a spinning tea cups ride with his daddy. We also had a picnic (he sat still for a total of three minutes) and he had a bit of my ice cream too. Throw in getting to hang out with two of his aunties and all in all Bub had a pretty exciting afternoon.

I must admit it is great to see these occasions through the eyes of a toddler. Lots of exciting and new things, some of which he’s only seen in books, all there in real life. And I got to buy some tasty homemade cakes from the WI stall too.


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