Couple of milestones today for my little man. Firstly he had his morning and evening milk from a beaker not a bottle. He coped very well and was seeming quite happy to use the cup (a Tommy Tippee free flow beaker). Only downside was that it took about twice as long for him to drink them. I think the act is less pleasurable for him so he is less focussed. I won’t be surprised if he starts to have less and less milk over time now.

This does feel like a real milestone. The beginning of the end of him being a baby. Very mixed feelings. I remember when I stopped exclusively breastfeeding and began mixed feeding at around seven months. And when I stopped breastfeeding entirely at around 9.5 months. And now we may be phasing out the bottles. My Bub is definitely growing up.

The other milestone is that today I bought a potty. He’s a very long way off being able to use it and we’re not really thinking about it yet. But I thought it a good idea to get one so he can get used to it being around, play with it, etc.

So the end of one phase and the beginning of another. My Bub is growing up so very fast, fast, fast!


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