Poorly daddy, poorly bubby

Poor Bub’s daddy has flu, or at least we think it is flu. He’s been almost unable to move all day and feels awful. Luckily it is the weekend so I can be on baby duty. However tomorrow is back to work and I can’t see him getting any better so I think I’m going to need to take the day off work. Some mums I know have to take days off all the time as their nurseries won’t take babies who get sick. I’m lucky in this respect – if Bub gets sick his daddy can still take care of him. But if daddy gets sick then unfortunately there isn’t anyone else but me. All my sisters, ready babysitters if they can, are working now or have their own babies to look after. And my parents are currently on their holidays. So no other options really. Oh well, another day with my Bub and at least tomorrow was set to be a pretty quiet work day.

Poor Bub is also a little unwell. He has a really gunky eye, which I think is conjunctivitis. Something that’d definitely keep him out of nursery I think. He seems fine in himself in the day but his sleeping is troubled and he’s taking ages to drop off. The heat doesn’t help – summer has definitely arrived. Poor little lad – not only got a poorly eye but he’s also got a poorly daddy too.

Any advice for conjunctivitis? I read about it online and it seems there isn’t much you can do except wait it out. I’ve tried to clean and wipe Bub’s eye but he gets very upset. I also read you need to wash your own hands lots too in case you get it. My eyes have felt a bit odd all evening but I think that’s probably all in my mind. At least I hope so – we can’t all be sick at once, can we? That’d be too awful. Still, if it comes down to a choice I’d much rather have a gunky eye than the flu any day.


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One Response to “Poorly daddy, poorly bubby”

  1. mama.ie Says:

    When Little Man started in creche, he got a few bouts of conjunctivitis. Each time, it took antibiotic drops or ointment to clear it. Although, it’s more difficult to apply, I found the ointment far more effective than the drops.

    The only other time he had a sticky eye was once while I was still on mat. leave and still breastfeeding. At the time, I was able to just rinse his eye out with breastmilk and that cleared it up in a day or two, with no antibiotics. But unfortunately, we no longer have that option!

    Hope everyone in your house feels better soon!

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