Coming to Tea by Sarah Garland

20110704-214530.jpgGot Bub a new book from the library the other day. He loves it. I’ve read it so many times I can recite it from memory (though don’t worry I’m not about to!!)

It’s called ‘Coming to Tea’ by Sarah Garland. It’s very dated but still quite charming. I found out on googling it that it was published in the eighties and rereleased in 2008. The clothing is very eighties (one mum has classic 1980s dungarees) and everything seems quite homespun (cooking on the aga, chickens in the garden, etc.)

Anyway the bit Bub loves most is a scene where a baby is having their nappy changed on the floor. (Cloth nappy with pin, that’s how old it is!) I don’t think I’ve seen any books featuring a nappy change and I think this is why he loves it. There are plenty if shots of babies in nappies in books but never the actual changing. Given how much of his time each day is spent enduring nappy changes I can imagine he enjoys seeing this reflected back for once.

Whilst part of me is thoroughly sick of ‘coming to tea’ I’m also very taken with it too. Maybe the mess and chaos and eighties styling reminds me of my own childhood? Anyway, why not go to your local library and see if you can find a copy – your little one may love it.


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