An unhealthy appreciation for booze

Bub loves moving things from one place to another and putting them into what he sees as some kind of order. Lots and lots of small identical things really please him – a bag of pegs or box of dishwasher tablets, for example. Big heavy things that need lots of effort to carry also satisfy him too. Sadly since he’s defeated our kitchen child locks he now has ample access to all manner of unsuitable but highly attractive things. Our meagre wine collection is very interesting to him. We’ve already moved the bleach etc up high so don’t really have much space to store it elsewhere. So pretty much every time he goes into the kitchen he makes a bee line straight for the wine cupboard. Seeing a toddler carrying a bottle of gin is definitely a sight to see! I do take it right off him for fear he’ll drop and break it but he just gets right back in there. I’ve now given him some bottles of baby bath etc as a distraction but it just isn’t as appealing to him as the wine and beer. I hope this isn’t setting up a trend for his future….!


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