First ever 5k: Race for Life

20110710-222829.jpgAfter weeks of training the day finally arrived. Race for life. My first ever race, a 5k charity run for Cancer Research.

Firstly I should say that race for life is a brilliant race for a female beginner. It’s a big carnival of colour and there are all levels of running ability and fitness represented. There were plenty of women walking the whole thing, some part jogging part walking, some carrying babies in slings or pushing buggies. It was the perfect non-threatening introduction.

I’ve been jogging locally, following the c25k plan, for about 3 months. I’d got to the stage where I could regularly do 25 minutes non-stop ok. However because I run against time not distance I have no idea how far I run when I go out. I am VERY slow, but I hoped maybe I wasn’t too far off 5k (3.1 miles.)

Sadly I found out today that I was quite far off. It took me 44 minutes 20 seconds to get round which is a long way more than my training.

I jogged all the way up to just before the 4k mark. I then did a mix of walking and jogging (alternating approx 100-200m of each) and then ran the last 300m or so pretty fast. Although I’d hoped to run the whole race the fact that it was clearly FAR further than I’d ever run before means that was probably unrealistic.

I’m dead chuffed I did as much running as I did, really pleased. My sense of achievement is *slightly* dented by the fact that one of my sisters power walked it and came in at 48 minutes. So clearly my slow jog really is a s-l-o-w jog. But what the hell. I am carrying several more stone than I was pre-baby so I think that’s probably a substantial handicap – I should’ve been declared the rightful winner IMHO. Lol!

I now have a Personal Best which I can aim to beat next time. There is another 5k race (this time a more serious one, more risk of embarrassment) coming up in mid August. I wonder if I should give it a go?


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