Mummy is a clever swot

Found out today that I passed my post-graduate diploma. I’ve been doing it by distance learning for what seems like forever but is actually since 2007. It is meant to take two years but took me four as I had to take some time out in the middle. Sadly for my dreams of a relaxing maternity leave the college contacted me when Bub was three months old and said it was now or never. Return to the course or be kicked off. Fortunately I persuaded them to let me back onto the course and the rest, as they say, is history. Am REALLY glad I completed it before starting back at work as I’d have really struggled to work, study and spend time with Bub.

I’d love to be able to offer advice to those studying with little ones but I don’t think I can. It’s bloody hard and I used to really resent having to use the precious times when Bub was napping on studying. But I had to do it. And it helped me appreciate all those times I wasn’t studying (amazing how everything else seems more fun when you have work to do!*) Having to study did force me to get help from others and stop being a total mummy control freak. And this was a good thing, for me and Bub. But in the main I was pretty sick of the work almost the whole way through and was delighted to finish.

I am also potentially in the running for a prize, being the swotty student that I am. I’ve been nominated but won’t find out till November. Oooh, exciting! Think I’d potentially win £200 and a medal so not going to change the world but pretty cool in my opinion. Definitely better than nothing!

* This blog also arose from my studies. I was so desperate for a distraction and something to do instead I’m sure I write the first post in place of an essay! Might not have got round to it if I hadn’t been avoiding work. So that’s another positive outcome from this too.


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