Da da da da da dadadada da da dah!

Da da da da da a DA DA DADDAAA da da da daa daaa da DA DA DA DAGHHH DARGHH a da da da da a daaa dadadada da da da a a a da DA DAAAAAA daDA dada aaahDAAH da da dada da da da da da da DA DAA DADA!!! a da da da…..

Etc, etc. You get the picture.

This has been Bub ever since we put him to bed tonight. Over half an hour he’s been in there saying ‘da da da da’ over and over again. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes sing song, sometimes rasping.

It’s kinda sweet and kinda weird and kinda impressive. This is a boy with only one syllable on his mind tonight.

It might be because he was playing Rock Band on xbox earlier with his daddy, watching him do singing and wrestling the microphone off him to join in. Maybe it inspired him.

Whatever, he’s super noisy tonight.

Bub still only really has one word, despite being almost 18 months. Everyone and thing is dada. He knows I’m mummy and his daddy is daddy. But when you ask him to say the words they all come out the same – dada.

So who knows what he’s doing tonight. Perhaps he’s telling himself a hugely elaborate story. Or maybe he’s just saying his daddy’s name over and over. Whatever it is it’s very impressive. Though I do hope he goes to sleep soon!


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