The monkiest monkey

Got a fascinating chance to compare Bub’s burgeoning little personality with some other little babies this week. I met up with my old NCT buddies and their little ones for an afternoon BBQ.

I do find it fascinating to watch Bub with other little ones. Obviously I like to check his development, being super proud every time he does something that maybe he didn’t used to be able to do. But it’s also about seeing their temperaments and personality quirks. And I must admit I find comparing the little ones incredibly interesting.

Bub definitely has an adventurous spirit and isn’t afraid to stray away from his mummy. All the other parents were sitting in the kitchen whilst their kids played happily on the floor. Whereas I was retrieving my son from the stairs, a cupboard, the garden shed… You name it Bub wanted to explore it. Or climb it. Or preferably explore and climb it. He also insisted on opening and shutting various doors, using the handles and everything, and generally behaved like an absolute monkey. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one unable to relax for a second but it did feel that way. I love his independence and confidence but do find it somewhat tiring and not very conducive to a social afternoon!


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