Big, clunking toddler fist

There are few upsides to all the travel I do in my job. (And before you think i do glamourous travel to exotic places – not true. I mostly travel to drab towns in the south west of England and the best thing I see is a rare stretch of dual carriageway.) However one of the positives is that I sometimes discover an interesting shop or two and can pick up some unusual things.

20110724-120451.jpgI found these little wooden pirate skittles in a small shop in Lyndhurst. They are really fab and perfect for a little boy who loves to carry and sort bottles and boxes.

He doesn’t quite get the skittles concept though. He won’t throw the ball to knock them over. Instead he holds the ball and uses it as a kind of knuckleduster, sending the skittles flying with one swipe of his big clunking fist.


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