Imaginative play

Have noticed a real shift in Bub’s approach to his toys in the last week or so. He seems to have begun to do imaginative play. He will take his toys for walks, shuffling them along in a line as he does so. He’ll also take them for rides in a little car. It’s like he’s helping then do real activities and seeing them as real people. Hard to explain but it means he’s spending much more time playing independently and it feels like a bit of a leap forward in his way of thinking about the world.

Am wondering whether to get him a doll. Apparently he enjoys playing with the dolls at playgroup and it might help encourage his imaginative play even more. Though to be honest his little skittles seem animated enough for him so maybe there’d be no difference.

What do you think? Any ideas about the benefit of dolls, for girls or boys?


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2 Responses to “Imaginative play”

  1. Says:

    Definitely get him a doll – back in April, around the time my little guy turned 18 months, we got him a doll and stroller. Big hit! Bobby and the buggy get played with pretty much every day. (You can see a photo of them here:

    I think dolls are an important part of imaginative play for young children, in helping them to understand the world around them. My son regularly feeds his doll, and puts him to sleep, and lately, since we started using a naughty step, Bobby sometimes ends up there too!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, sounds like it’s a good plan then!

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