Trains, boats and automobiles…

Bub is getting to an age where we can have some really fun outings. He recognises things from his books and loves to see them in real life.

Last weekend we spent some time at the Bristol Harbour Festival. Downside was definitely trying to push a buggy through the crowds. But for me this was easily outweighed by Bub’s sheer delight to see all the boats. And this was tripled when he actually got to go on a boat. He wasn’t to know it was just the 70p foot ferry. To him it was a yacht!

This was mirrored today when Bub’s daddy took him on a train. We live near a railway line so Bub sees the trains every day. But he rarely gets close up and certainly won’t remember going on one before. Apparently he was super excited and refused to do anything but stand on the chair the whole journey. He took great delight in showing me his ticket later.


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