Giant penthouses and baby showers

Been a busy few days. Spent a night with friends in a luxury penthouse in London. Very nice. Had to be on Bub-watch the whole time though as he could open every door and was intent on climbing in and on everything. Pretty stressful but nice all the same.

And then today I spent the evening at a friend’s surprise baby shower. I have never been to one before but it was surprising good fun. Mostly down to the host being uber enthusiastic. It has more party games than any hen night I’ve ever attended. Everything from guess the baby’s name to pin the sperm on the fallopian tube (!?) via a challenge to eat a jar of baby food and a race to dress someone up in ‘baby’ clothes. Very silly and could have been excruciating but thanks to our host was all good fun. I’m not sure I’d have liked a baby shower but it was a nice chance for my friend’s family to give her lots of attention prior to little ones arrival. Her face when she turned up and saw us was a picture!


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