Asleep before my toddler….. again!

I write this at five to eleven at night. I’m tired and hoping to go to bed soon. My son clearly has other ideas. Bub was put into bed around nine thirty and has been shouting, on and off, ever since. Never crying but not particularly pleased to be in bed. And certainly not sleeping.

We are falling swiftly back into the ‘poor sleeper’ category. Our brief four month respite (roughly from 14-18 months) seems like it’s over. For about three weeks now he’s just become so resistant to going to sleep.

A while back Bub would sleep from around 9.30pm to 9am and nap from 1pm ish to 3.30pm. All very regular, falling asleep in his own bed alone, never really taking longer than 20minutes to drift off. No longer. We put him down to nap and he can take two hours to drift off, then sleeping maybe an hour or so at most. At night, as tonight, it’s not unusual for it to be 11pm before he’s asleep. Thankfully he still sleeps all night most nights but this is far from an ideal situation.

I don’t think it is just a case of putting him down later. He is clearly tired still and gets crabby and upset. We’ve experimented with a later time and he takes just as long. I may even need to try earlier just to get him to sleep somewhere close to a reasonable bedtime.

Any ideas? This is rapidly becoming a real headache and no fun for anyone. He’s been quite sleep resistant all his life so this is just a return of the old pattern. No idea what to do though. As soon as you think you’ve got a problem cracked it comes right back at you.


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