Getting back on a good sleep track

Sitting very quietly waiting and hoping Bub will soon fall asleep. After realising things had gone really haywire sleepwise we’ve tried to go back to basics. Address some of the things we’d let slip. For instance no watching of YouTube clips just before bed. (I know, ridiculous habit to get into, but he so loves the videos of cute animals.)

Also have decided to put him down to sleep earlier. My theory is that we are in a vicious circle of him taking ages to fall asleep, meaning we put him to bed a bit later, meaning he was overtired, meaning it took him ages to fall asleep etc etc.

We’re trying to be more strict on his routine now. Tea at 6.30pm, bath at 7.30pm, milk, story etc then in bed for 8.30pm. Hopefully asleep by 9pm and then up at 9am next morning.

Yesterday he didn’t sleep at all for his nap and was completely exhausted come bedtime. Lots of tantrums and random crying ensued. We put him to bed at 8.45pm and by 9pm he was asleep. What a relief! So pleasant to actually have a bit of an evening to ourselves.

The earlier bedtime meant he slept over twelve hours last night and was a much happier boy. Today he also took a 90 minute nap. And – hurrah – he appears to have fallen asleep with only a small degree if fuss and it’s only 9.15pm. 🙂

One night at a time but this feels like it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


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