Handing on the hand me downs

Spent an enjoyable evening sorting through Bub’s old baby clothes and baby accessories. Have got two huge bags and a box for the charity shop, several large boxes to lend to my pregnant friend, and a pleasingly small amount to stash around the house.

I’m very pleased to be lending so much to my friend. Whilst hopefully someday I’ll be claiming it back for Bub’s younger brother or sister that day isn’t expected any day soon. So I’m more than happy to lend stuff out to a good home. Far better than having stuff going mouldy in the garage or stacked on top of cupboards.

I love the idea of baby clothes and items doing the rounds. Each lively little item used and treasured for such a brief time, then passed on. Much of the stuff we got for Bub came from friends, eBay or Freecycle. Often in pristine condition. I’m really happy to pass it on in turn.

20110814-010503.jpgKept a few precious bits back though. For instance, this gorgeous handknit donkey jacket which I made especially for Bub. Never even dared wash it. That’s definitely not going anywhere.


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One Response to “Handing on the hand me downs”

  1. honeysuckleblue Says:

    That is certainly cute, and he looks so very pleased to be wearing it!

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