Graduated from c25k. Woop!!

Today I graduated from the Couch to 5k running programme 🙂

This means I can run for thirty minutes non-stop. Thirty whole minutes! In theory this should mean I can run 5k. Hence the c25k moniker. Unfortunately because I run so slowly this is actually more like c23k as I only do two miles (3ish km) on my runs.

Even two miles is much further than I’d ever have guessed I could do. I first tried c25k about a year ago but struggled. Partly this was due to being in a hilly and very rural area that was quite a challenging terrain. It was also down to the challenges of incorporating running alongside caring for a young baby. But mainly it was because I pushed myself too far and too fast and never found a comfortable stride.

Second time around although I had some setbacks at first I am so glad I persisted. I love the flexibility if just pulling on my trainers and going. I live to listen to podcasts as I run and find it a great way to unwind. I genuinely enjoy and look forward to my runs.

Have decided to face my demons and return to the local running club where I embarrassed myself before. They have started another beginners enrolment so are building up from scratch. I figure this is a great way for me to build my speed up and (hopefully) not fall to somewhere behind the back of the pack.

But for now time to celebrate my success – a c25k graduate. Yay!!!


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