Number two? Not yet, thanks!!

Been away overnight at a friend’s hen do. Not the first time I’ve been away from Bub but one of the first times for social reasons.

I’d expected not to miss him much. I was actually looking forward to the break. However, perhaps predictably, I did find myself pining for my little poppet and was very keen to see him again today.

One of the reasons I missed him, I think, was due to getting just a tiny bit broody on account of all the pregnant women there. Two friends, both of whom were pregnant when I had Bub, are now expecting baby number two. I am definitely not ready for another baby and haven’t imagined feeling ready for quite a while. But something about seeing my friends go through it again did make me pine, briefly, for those early days with my Bub.

However on reflection I’m very sure that there is no chance of me wanting to go through it all again any time soon. I think I just experienced a temporary nostalgia for those hazy early days. Probably also some kind of misty eyed forgetfulness of just how exhausting it was too. And the thought of doing it all over with a toddler in tow – scary!


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One Response to “Number two? Not yet, thanks!!”

  1. Lisa | (@mamadotie) Says:

    I’m convinced that only people who are lucky enough to get those elusive “sleeping” babies first time around rush into having number two! We did not have one of those babies in our house, hence no rush!

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