Fishing for pooh (yes, sorry, TMI!)

Hmmmm, bit of an issue developing. One in which I haven’t the faintest idea what to do and which my myriad of baby books never mention. So maybe the massed ranks of my thousands of readers (well, sometimes tens of readers – on a good day) can help.

Bub has started to pooh in the bath.

Not just a one off though. Four days running. He thinks it’s funny and now tries to do it.

I think it all started when he did a loud fart in the bath and found it hilarious. He was trying to do it again and, oops, did a pooh. This then was even more entertaining as he was whipped out the bath, cleaned off etc. Having had this happen once he keeps trying to make it happen again, unfortunately with great success.

I’m really not sure what to do. I can hardly ignore it so he gets the satisfaction of a reaction. He’s also no way near even starting to be ready for potty training so I don’t think I can try to get him to go beforehand or ask him not too. And I have no idea how to potentially rejig his diet to encourage a pooh at another time.

So, massed ranks, any ideas? I’m drawing a bit if a blank here and really don’t want to spend my evenings fishing for pooh if I can at all help it. Thanks very much in advance!


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