Time to meet Tommy

20110831-001740.jpgI think it’s time to introduce you to the newest member of our toy family.

Tommy the baby doll.

Yes, I have bought my son a doll.

Seemed quite a natural choice to me but it’s fascinating how some have been a little shocked by this.

Bub started doing imaginative play with his toys a couple of months ago. He’d ‘walk’ his ducks around the bath and give toys rides on his rocking horse. I thought that a more child-like toy might be helpful in encouraging his imaginative play along. I’m grateful to Lisa at mama.ie for her helpful comments whilst I was mulling this over.

It’s all so far, so good in my opinion. He’s very happy to give Tommy a ride in his trolley truck. He’s even shared a rice cake with him, pushing the cake towards Tommy’s mouth. Tommy also gets put down for a nap (and guess what, he always closes his eyes on demand – unlike someone else I could mention!)

Tommy is, in my opinion, just another toy. One who happens to look like a baby but is ultimately not much different to a stuffed doggy or teddy. I’m not trying to ‘feminise’ Bub or pretend little boys aren’t in any way different to girls. But in our experience so far he’s enjoyed having Tommy around and incorporates him fairly regularly into his activities.

I find it odd that our society might ever question the appropriateness of this toy for a small child, boy or girl. Why are some people terrified such a toy might have a negative impact on a little boy? Why isn’t it appropriate for a boy to have toys that he can, in whatever limited way, identify and empathise with?

Any views on gender specific toys? Are there any toys you wouldn’t give to a boy or a girl?


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4 Responses to “Time to meet Tommy”

  1. Lisa | mama.ie (@mamadotie) Says:

    I did the same a few months back for my little man – bought him a doll and a buggy. “Bobby” gets played with almost every day, and is a firm favourite in our house. I felt quite strange about it at the time though, and got similar reactions to you: http://www.mama.ie/?p=1478

  2. Lisa | mama.ie (@mamadotie) Says:

    PS – thanks for the mention! 🙂

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    […] is not big on cuddles and hugs. Particularly for toys. His poor baby doll never gets any attention whatsoever. And our attempts to give him a lovey to help him sleep went […]

  4. Growing in understanding | Don't wake the baby! Says:

    […] mummy or daddy are and he hasn’t a clue. He’s very good with some toys – one baby doll called Tommy he loves and will happily search around for ages looking for […]

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