The tears of woe

My first ‘terrible twos’ experience this morning. Not a full on tantrum, though know that’s bound to be coming. More a full-on and inexplicable cry fest. Bub sobbed really woefully for a good twenty minutes. I genuinely was stumped as to what had turned my previously happy boy into a mess of distress. I offered books, cuddles, you name it. He wanted nothing and kept moving away from me, all the while crying his little eyes out.

I’m still not wholly sure of the cause. But I think it *might* be down to the fact I handed him his morning milk beaker, rather than let him take it from the shelf himself. It’s all I can think of. Given he can’t speak a word and can only point it was almost impossible to get any idea what was wrong.

I guess I was prepared for angry tantrums. But twenty minutes of inconsolable and inexplicable sadness I didn’t expect. It was so sad that he wouldn’t be comforted by me and just moved away. A rather sad milestone really.

Any tips on handling this new territory? Definitely feeling like a step into the dark right now!


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