Sold subject to contract

We’re buying a new house! Finally agreed the price with the seller today. Am a mixture of excitement and nerves. It’s a scary old time to be buying a house. It looks like a recession is on the way and house prices are likely to bump around at this level (or less) for a year or so. No rapid equity gains or quick sales to soften the blow if things go pear shaped. Plus we’re a single earner household so a lot rides on me keeping my job. But on the other hand we’ve been in rented accommodation over two years now and I hate the insecurity. I hate never knowing if you’re going to be turfed out or your rent will rise. I guess we’re just swapping one form of insecurity with another in that sense. Plus DIY, of course. Had no options to do any in rented accommodation. Never thought I’d hear myself say this again but I quite fancy a go at some painting and decorating!

Moved house in autumn last year, just as Bub got mobile. That wasn’t much fun. This time he’s a mischievous and wholly disobedient toddler so my expectation is that it’ll probably be ten times worse!

Still, all in all, pretty exciting stuff. It’s going to take a while but hopefully, if things go to plan, we might even be in for Christmas 🙂


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