Are you saying your toddler can read?!?

Been away from my Bub three nights in the last week. I used to look forward to my odd break but this is too much. I really miss the little guy. Twice was work related (yeah, not so family friendly at the moment.) Once was a friend’s wedding, which was nice.

Bub’s daddy was in very proud parent mode at the wedding. I think he really wished Bub was there and so was making up for it by extolling his virtues to all and sundry. Now, I’m a proud mummy, make no mistake. But I do think it sounds a bit crass when you go on about your child as if they are some kind of genius. I think it harks back to all those ‘sleep through the night’ claims I heard whilst Bub could barely manage two hours. I try to be careful to be balanced in my comments about Bub. His daddy, on the other hand, was rather enthusiastic in his efforts to highlight Bub’s genius.

For instance, and this is something I didn’t know, apparently Bub likes to spot letters in the book. He’ll point at particular letters and likes you to sound them out. I’m sure he points at them in the same way he might point at a picture of an apple, or whatever. But no, to hear his daddy tell it, you’d think Bub had virtually mastered the alphabet, reading and grammar all by eighteen months! I was a little embarrassed. Whatever happened to parental humility? Has a constant stream of Facebook and blog updates driven competitive patenting to new heights? Perhaps I need to set Bub’s dad up on here so he can get these kind of things out of his system away from the real world.


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