Twenty months! Where did that time go?

I just can’t believe that Bub is twenty months old. That’s nearly two!! Time is just flying by.

So what’s he up to?

– He’s very confident on his feet, walking and running and dancing. He can walk backwards too! He’s now pretty good at walking whilst holding my hand too.

– He can’t jump though. He can see others do it and try to follow but doesn’t seem to have enough power to leave the ground.

– His sleep is great. Real relief given earlier issues. He’ll put himself to sleep and sleeps 9pm to 9am every night. Any wake ups are usually down to teething or illness. He also mostly does a two hour afternoon nap.

– He still sleeps in a (travel) cot. He has almost climbed out a few times when he’s escaped his grobag so probably needs to move to a big bed soon. Personally I’m dreading it and terrified he’ll stop sleeping well.

– He loves to climb and soft play is his favourite pastime. He’ll climb on anything and can now walk up and down stairs ‘properly’.

– He is becoming a real escape artist. Anywhere we go he tends not to join in but mainly spends his time trying to escape. Whether it’s continually testing the door or windows at playgroup or racing away outside, he’s off!

– His speech is practically non- existent. He can say ‘dada’ but to be honest we don’t even hear that much anymore. Everything is a grunt and he rarely babbles or uses different syllables. We’re getting to stage where we probably need to speak to health visitor. However I’m reassured by knowing his Daddy was exactly the same and didn’t speak till very late.

– He understands a massive amount. Complicated questions and commands aren’t an issue. He’s amazing at finding named objects in books. He definitely knows what we’re saying just can’t join in.

– Surprisingly given his lack of communication he doesn’t tantrum too much. He can get very cross, scream and sometimes lashes out at my face with his hands. And he’s rapidly learnt to go limp or arch his back. But at the moment it’s not too bad.

– He’s got a real thing for strong flavours. We went to Yo Sushi the other day for a meal and he loved the sliced ginger even though it was really hot. He also loves curry, garlic, houmous and horseradish sauce!

– He’s finally getting really good with cutlery. He’ll use a fork and spoon very happily most of the time.

– He has no particularly favourite toys. He’s never been one for comfort items. He likes Lego and cars but will just go with whatever toy catches his eye that day. He seems more keen on books than toys, perhaps because they demand more parental involvement.

So there you have it. Our big boy getting bigger all the time!


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