From holiday to hospital

We’ve finally broken our duck with an A&E visit. Most friends with young kids seem to be there regularly and until now we’d never had to go.

Luckily nothing too serious. In fact by the time we got there he had pretty much recovered.

We were walking round our camp site and Bub was getting a bit cross we weren’t walking in his preferred direction. He was holding hands with me and his Daddy and he hung back putting his full body weight on his left arm. I was holding this hand and felt his arm ‘pop’. That sensation will probably stay with me forever… At first I didn’t think it too serious and thought he was upset about not getting his way. But he didn’t get over it and continued to be upset once we got back. Even his favourite toddler iPod game couldn’t console him. His left arm was limp and whilst he could move it was far from normal. By now it was getting onto 6.30pm. I threw some food into a bag and we got in the car.

Fortunately there was an A&E department within ten minutes. However by the time we got there he was much, much better. He was using his arm again and no longer crying. We took him in to get checked out but it was soon clear he was fine. The nurse was lovely and not at all annoyed at what must have looked like a complete waste of time.

Apparently it is pretty common for kids to slightly dislocate their arms, especially at the elbows (called nursemaids elbow, allegedly.) It can be popped back by gently rotating the arm around. The nurse thought we’d probably inadvertently done this when we put him into his car seat.

So pleased he’s ok. Felt very guilty that he hurt himself by pulling away and me not letting go. He’s so boisterous and fearless sometimes I forget how tiny and fragile he is. Thank goodness he’s ok. And thank goodness for the NHS for being there and offering a caring, speedy and frankly amazing service.


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