Clocking off

I bloody hate the clocks changing. I used to have nightmares when I was young that the clocks had changed and I didn’t realise. I’d wake up and be unable to get back to sleep so concerned was I that it might be true. Eventually I bought a radio controlled alarm clock and those problems faded.

However the changing of the clocks is now back to bother me in a new guise. As a parent to a young child the changing clocks is a total nuisance. Bub has been a grumpy little monster ever since Sunday morning. His sleep is ok but sufficiently disrupted to mean he’s tired all the time. Plus he’s getting hungry before mealtimes, snacking and not eating properly. All in all a major pain.

And it’s dark as I leave work now. All very depressing.


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One Response to “Clocking off”

  1. Jen (@HanamiV) Says:

    Wow I could’ve written this! Who’d have thought a 1 hour change would make such a difference to the wee people!

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