iPod/iPhone apps for toddlers

There’s only one thing to update on because Bub currently has only one thing on his mind. He is totally addicted to my iPod. Actually more specifically he’s totally addicted to Tozzle.

I’ve long promoted iPods/iPhones as absolute must-haves for new mums. Something to keep you entertained, abreast of the news and in touch with the wider world which can all be done one handed and in any location? Perfect!

However I now realise that they have a secondary toddler function. Namely as the best ever, always wanted, never tired of toddler toys. Or toddler crack as Bub’s daddy says.

I do try to limit Bub’s use of my iPod as he would play 24/7 if he could. This has led to many tantrums. But for a quick ten minute breather or instant entertainment when out and about they are perfect.

So what apps to get? Well we’ve not tried loads so these aren’t the best of the best or anything. But Bub likes them and one is free so why not give them a go.

20111105-232011.jpgToddler Teasers – Our first toddler app. There are a series of themes available (shapes is free, we also have automobiles). You are asked to identify the named item from a selection and after a few rounds you win a virtual sticker. There are other variations and options should the main game get dull. Bub loved this game at first and I can’t fault it, especially as it’s free. I think now he’s tried the more flashy games he’s less taken with it but maybe that’s because he played it so much at first.

20111105-231828.jpgTozzel – A jigsaw game aimed at up to threes. You piece together a variety of puzzles which increase in complexity. The hardest build up the items from internal parts, cogs and levers, creating a working model for example of a Simon game. When we first got this I thought it totally outside of Bub’s capabilities. How wrong I was. Within days he could do all the puzzles and still absolutely loves this game. I’m sure he’s got a fine career in electronics ahead of him having seen him slot the transistors, resistors and wires into place on some of the harder levels.

Both apps available from iTunes.


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