Still running

Am still running, still slow, still going out around three times a week. I usually do thirty minutes non-stop jogging round our local area. At first my speed was 3.8mph, that edged up to 4, now today I averaged 4.3mph. This is still really slow, even for a beginner. My 5k time if I kept it up would be over 40 minutes. But it’s still good enough to impress me. Steady progress on something like this over a period of time feels great. Would love to rejoin our local mum’s running group but they are still too fast for me. When I can do 4.6mph or more over 30 minutes then I’ll give it a go again.

Anyone just discovering this and thinking they’d like to run but are too fat. Please think again. I’m really overweight but have built up to this using the Couch to 5k programme and it really does work.


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