Chaos reigns

Been living in chaos these last few days. Moved house four days ago and most stuff still in boxes. Luckily have had family to help care for Bub some if the time but despite this we are still no where near being unpacked. Bub’s daddy has been ill too which hasn’t helped.

Bub seems to have settled in really well though. I concentrated on getting his room sorted asap which seems to have helped. He even napped in his bedroom on the day of the move.

So far since getting keys we’ve stripped and wallpapered one room, painted another and put down laminate in a third. We’ve also discovered that no maintenance whatsoever had been done on the house in at least ten years. Neither toilet flushed properly and the boiler controls are broken. There is a massive hole in one carpet done by the previous but one owners dog. And despite having a space for a dishwasher there is no plumbing for such. All annoying and costly stuff to deal with.

But hey, it’s ours. And it’s starting to grow on me despite recalling exactly how difficult and tiring DIY really is!


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