Just a little busy

New house – wallpapering – new laminate floor in bedroom – remove gas fire – hole in wall – still not filled – cat frustrated – cat pees on floor – repeatedly – baby excited – baby tired – baby unwell – baby sick over floor – baby sick over mummy – baby better – daddy unwell – daddy better – mummy unwell – mummy better – baby can’t digest milk again – baby has poorly tummy and diarrhoea – baby has lactose free milk – baby slightly better – cat poos on floor – house stinks of poo and sick – still got hole in wall – need new carpet – need fix hole – boiler controls broken – bye bye £200 – toilets still don’t flush properly – stupidly busy at work – still not set up utilities – boxes of stuff everywhere – old gas fire dumped in conservatory – need new book shelves – radiator leaked and damaged ceiling – should get shares in B&Q am there so much – put up Christmas tree…

And that’s just some of what we’ve been trying to juggle at the moment. Plus planning for hosting Christmas and a pre-New Year get together. Gosh no wonder I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.


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One Response to “Just a little busy”

  1. Jane Chelliah Says:

    I was exhausted just from reading the list of things that have happened/ to do. Take care. Thanks for listing my blog and I have done the same with yours. x

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