From cot to big boy bed?

D-Day moves one step closer. No this isn’t about the crisis in the Euro, though surely today’s disaster strikes another death knell for Britain’s place in Europe. No, this is about the day I dread and that, ironically, keeps me up all night with worry.

The day Bub needs to move into a big boy bed.

We are so fortunate with his sleep at the moment. Falling asleep on his own. Twelve hours continuous sleep at night. Waking at 9am in the morning. Still a daily nap… Perfect!

But I worry this will all disappear the moment he can get up out of bed by himself. And yesterday he moved one step closer to that.

He climbed out of his cot!

All by himself. And boy was he excited about it.

Fortunately we have several lines of defence. Firstly a new set of gro-bags with zips which are much harder to open. This is the step we’ve instigated immediately. Next is a mattress to put beside his bed should he learn to escape the bag or vault over regardless (not beyond his skills to be honest.) And finally should we need to use a proper bed then a baby gate on the door to his bedroom.

All hopefully enough to keep him bed bound for a few more months. At least until he’s a bit older.

Any ideas?


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One Response to “From cot to big boy bed?”

  1. ernie Says:

    Its a bit treaky because babies are very inovative which shows they are learning, however I hope he’ll be able to stay in bed as long as possible.

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