Bub’s second Christmas

A few days off work and I’ve really enjoyed some precious time with my family. Bub has experienced his second Christmas, but the first where he’s been aware something special is happening. He’s really excited by the Christmas lights people have on their houses. We’ve had family stay with us and also stayed with others. Bub has received many gifts and is thrilled with many of them. A scalectrix type car game and bath time Thomas are amongst his current favourites, alongside some fabric vegetables we got from Ikea which he finds inexplicably entertaining. And he’s discovered Angry Birds on the iPod(!) He’s also got really vocal, shouting loudly and telling everyone lots of stuff in a nonsense language we still don’t understand but which day by day must be bringing him closer to proper speech. And he’s even more physical, running and jumping and pushing his new scooter around. He’s also been remarkably good natured about all the disruption, not being phased by staying elsewhere or having his usual routine vary slightly. Phew, what a lot we’ve done in a short space of time. Tomorrow we are foolishly hosting an open house, though right now I’d much rather have a quiet day at home with a good book. But am sure it’ll be fun when the time comes.


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