Oh f*ck!!!

Day we’ve been dreading has arrived. Bub has vaulted out of his cot head first not once but repeatedly. All whilst wearing his grobag too. We have no choice but to instigate plan B (for Big Boy Bed.)

I hereby post this message to mark the probable end of my wonderful full nights sleep. Arghhhhh!

Here’s our marvellous reinterpretation.


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2 Responses to “Oh f*ck!!!”

  1. Lou Strachan (@Bobbity666) Says:

    I dread this moment myself and my son Tala is getting closer everyday – I am clinging onto my sleep with both hands x

  2. Lisa | mama.ie Says:

    What age is Bub now? We moved Little Man at 19 months and switched back after a week because he got a high fever and couldn’t be trusted to stay in the cot in his delirious state. But the next time we tried at 22 months it went really well and we’ve never looked back. I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

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