Routine for a 23 month old

Recognising that things may all change totally now we are in the world of the ‘Big Boy Bed’ I thought I’d update on our current routine.

J has broadly been in the same routine since moving to one nap a day, however his nap time has slipped later and later and his tea and bedtime has slipped back a tad too in recent months.

Here, then, is our routine for a 23 month old. Much later start time than most toddlers but that’s because my (stay at home dad) partner is a total night owl and can’t bear to get up earlier. As I said all subject to complete change now Bub is out of his cot.

9am – Wake up, beaker warm milk
10am – Breakfast
1pm – Lunch
2.30pm – Nap (wildly varying in length from nothing to three hours)
4.30pm (approx) – Wake up, beaker cold milk
6.45pm -Tea
7.30pm -Start bedtime routine, bath, beaker warm milk, watch YouTube and stories
8.45pm – In bed, time to sleep highly variable, sometimes ten minutes sometimes over an hour

Bub also has small snacks as and when requested, usually fruit or a biscuit. Normally this happens about 2-3 times a day.

This bedtime might be a bit later than most kids but seems to work for us and also means we get to eat a family tea once I get home from work in the evening.

He always goes into his cot for his nap, never out and about as he just doesn’t switch off. Even if he doesn’t sleep he’ll stay there quite happily for up to two hours twiddling his thumbs and amusing himself. We’ll very occasionally drive during his nap time, if we’re going away for instance, but unless we are travelling a long way he just won’t sleep. It’s only the power of routine that means he still naps at all in my opinion.


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