Transitioning from cot to big bed

A few days into our transition between cot and big boy bed. Found some useful resources on the web, particularly at the Baby Whisperer forums. Some of the tips I’ve found most helpful so far are:

* Put a babygate on the bedroom door (absolutely vital for us!)

* Stick to your routine and existing bedtime rules

* Talk to your child about the change (sadly we had to move very swiftly but this has still been very helpful.)

* Make the bedroom baby/toddler safe

Any other tips gratefully received!

So how is it going? Here is an update on progress with our Big Boy Bed transition.

Day one
Nap – This was the big one when he climbed out of his cot, repeatedly, got zero sleep and we swiftly moved to new bed arrangements
Night – Despite seeming cheerful about a new bed he wouldn’t stay put, got up repeatedly and ended up falling asleep on the floor behind the bed. Took over an hour for him to fall asleep. On plus side he slept all night with one brief stirring and woke at 8.45am 🙂

Day two
Nap – Very excitable, up and about in bedroom for over two hours without sleep. Books spread everywhere, drawers pulled out.
Night – Very tired, grouchy before bed but then out like a light immediately. Slept all night and woke at 8.30am though stayed happily in room till around 9am. A dream 🙂

Day three
Nap – Awake in room for over an hour, racing around the room excitedly in his sleeping bag and then falling asleep on bed and napped for two hours.
Night – Very difficult to settle, getting quite upset and angry, first time proper and sustained crying. Repeated and probably dangerous attempts to climb up side of nappy change table (in a sleeping bag!) Eventually fell asleep on the bed after a lengthy story from his daddy. Slept from 11pm to around 9am.

Phew, exhausted just writing that! Let’s hope he stays asleep all night tonight as I need a good kip just to get over the stress of it all.


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