Sleep deprivation all round!

WTF!! Bub’s daddy just got to the bedroom in time to grab Bub as he attempted to dive off the chest of drawers. We’d removed the drawer handles yet hasn’t factored on him figuring out how to climb the nappy change table in his sleeping bag. IN HIS SLEEPING BAG!!??!!

Which side of the family my son got his climbing genes from I don’t know. But this is getting ridiculous. He’s just moved from cot to bed, aged 23 months, because he can now vault over the top even whilst wearing his bag. And now he’s climbing the furniture too…

Things went ok first few days of new bed, all things considered. However it’s going downhill now as compounded sleep deprivation increase and his tiredness builds. He’s grumpy all day, it’s taking longer for him to get to sleep, and he’s more distressed doing so.

We have a roughly 30% ‘fall asleep in bed rate’, with most sleeps taking place at random spots on the floor. Almost all sleeps involve some crying, or at very least lots of grumpy shouting. And all bar about two sleeps have taken over an hour for him to drop off.

He’s also teething which isn’t helping. I’ve been up since 5.30am today with a particularly nasty early wake up.

I can see us struggling with this for some time whilst he adjusts. Hate to hear him cry at bedtime after such a long time of near perfect sleep. And a grumpy, tired toddler is just no fun at all šŸ˜¦

Any ideas gratefully received, please!!


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