Sleepy cuddles

One silver lining in all our sleep problems is that I get to be with my sleeping child again. There is nothing so adorable, in my opinion, as a peacefully sleeping baby or toddler. When Bub was little I spent a lot of time holding and feeding and rocking him to sleep. Don’t want to go there again but there were some totally delicious moments of sleepy cuddling. As Bub got older it became clear our presence was a barrier to him sleeping and he started to fall asleep alone. I’d rarely have any reason to hold him whilst he slept and not even really see him, for fear of disturbing him. Now we are in big bed territory all this has changed. It’s rare for him to fall asleep in bed, usually dozing off with his head jammed up next to the baby gate by the door. So every evening I get a wonderful sleepy cuddle and kiss as I lift him up and put him into his bed. Awww, so sweet! Almost makes the whole rest of the headache that is the cot-beemd transition worthwhile. Almost!


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One Response to “Sleepy cuddles”

  1. The Baby Fairy Says:

    It’s can be hard when they stop sleeping in a cot and move on, but lovely at the same time!

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