Big bed transition

Sooo, three weeks into the transition from cot to big bed, how is it going?

Well I certainly can’t pretend I wouldn’t rather click my fingers and have him back in his old cot. But given his prodigious climbing ability that’s not an option so we have to persevere.

Actually it’s going pretty well and not half as bad as I’d feared, all things considered. The baby gate on the bedroom door is a godsend. He does often take an age to settle for a nap or at night but at least he’s contained to one room. Most nights he falls asleep on the floor by the door, which isn’t ideal. But at least he falls asleep without a huge amount of intervention from us. Plus getting to pop him back into bed gives me the chance for a sneaky sleepy cuddle.

Once asleep he wakes up no more often than before, the bedside rail works wonders at preventing falls. (Quick aside here – Why is it so bloody difficult to get bedrails for toddler/cot beds? The Lindam and Summer ones, which are the most common in the shops, don’t fit. Only one I could find was a Babydan wooden rail in Toysrus. All very stylish but twice the price of the others and a pain to track down. Sorry, rant over!)

However getting him to sleep is another matter unfortunately. He’s always struggled to switch off at night, many months of routine were required to get us sorted before. The bed has thrown all this a bit. So much more to do/climb/break when you have a whole bedroom to explore. All this means that it takes a fair while longer for him to drop off. This has pretty much destroyed his naptime. He now takes three times as much or longer to doze off. He’s therefore waking up much later and not tired at bedtime. And then this can take HOURS longer than usual. The result has been that we now wake him strictly at 5pm if necessary. He also doesn’t always fall asleep for naps at all and I’m wondering if we might soon lose naps altogether. Hope not but it’s certainly heading in that direction.

So that’s where we are at. Bed itself ok but not my favourite ‘growing up’ moment. Naps probably on the way out, definitely not a top moment either. How did you find switching to a big bed? Or phasing out naps when they ruin bedtime sleep? Any tips??


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One Response to “Big bed transition”

  1. Lisa | (@mamadotie) Says:

    We started using the sensor mat on our monitor again to combat the getting out of bed at night! When we put our son to bed, we tell him “I’m switching on the alarm now so don’t get out of bed.” And it works surprisingly well! 🙂 He tested it the first night, and jumped straight back into bed when the alarm went off. And now he seems happy to stay there. Could be worth a short if you have a monitor with that setup?

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