What a lovely kitty te-ke

Feels like a big step forward on Bub’s speaking today. I think it may be down to him spending quite a bit of time recently with his talkative two year old cousin.

Remember that Bub is VERY behind in his speaking. Two years old and all he can say is ‘dada’, ‘no’ and ‘I’. All in context though, with cute head shaking accompanying the ‘no’. He can also do a monster growl, a kissy noise (of the sort you’d make to a cat), and a ssshhh train noise.

So today’s tiny steps forward need to be put in this context.

This morning we saw a cat out of the window. I asked him if he could say cat and he stopped, thought about it a while, and said ‘te-ke’. He then did it again. Clearly it’d have been better if he’d said ‘ke-te’ but hey, I’m just impressed he got the ‘c’ and ‘t’ sound in there regardless. Previously his only attempts at saying cat, when he didn’t just ignore me, were to say ‘da’.

This afternoon he was playing with a balloon with his daddy. And after some prompting firstly he said ‘ooo’ and then ‘bl-ooo’. Another real breakthrough.

All this probably sounds ridiculous. But when you’ve tried for a year to get your son to say cat and only ever got back silence or ‘da’ this is pretty special. Here’s hoping this is start of some major speaking progress.


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One Response to “What a lovely kitty te-ke”

  1. Sleeping Mom Says:

    Congrats on your little guy’s new words! Mine was slightly delayed when he was a little over a year and a half so I totally get that each sound and word is something to be celebrated. I remember I wrote down a list for each word or sound he would say because each one was such a big deal!

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