Finding the good in the bad

Last night was only the second time Bub has spent a night away from his parents (one of us at least!) And it was our first unplanned overnighter. Bub’s daddy knew he’d be away, on a mate’s stag do. I thought I’d only be gone a few hours and be back by the time he fell asleep. That prediction didn’t account for the snow across the Midlands however. Fortunately, so fortunately, Bub’s aunty was able to stay over the night with him. And poor thing he took an age to get to sleep and woke up twice in the night. But at least he was safe. And at least I was safe and not risking it on the roads. I saw too many cars, much more powerful then mine, getting stuck and skidding around. It was quite scary. In the end I stayed in a comfortable hotel and probably got the plus side of the deal.

Such an odd and eventful weekend. Did I mention we all feel ill too? In many ways it’s been my crappest few days in a long while. But it’s also given me a bit of perspective and an appreciation for my usual hum drum normality. And made me appreciate just how lucky I am to be here, with my Bub and his daddy and our family around us.


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