Get your prayers out of my council!

Big story in the news about the atheist winning his court case against prayers being a formal part of his local council business. He was an elected councillor and objected to formal prayers being item one on meeting agendas.

I’m delighted by this and totally agree. Nothing drives me straight to up rant factor ten than the churches influence on education (a rant for another time!) I see the formal inclusion of a religious activity as part of councillors business as completely anachronistic.

Anyone can stand to become as a Councillor and if elected all should be equally included within formal council business. Prayers shouldn’t ever be a part of our legislative frameworks, at any level. Why should a non-Christian councillor sit through these prayers? Or alternatively miss the start of a meeting he’s been elected to attend?

I also find it shocking Prayers are said as item one on the days agenda in Parliament. By tradition MPs who attend this session can reserve their seats for the day so get a big advantage on those who don’t.

Nothing against anyone saying prayers, just do so before a meeting not during it.

I’ve attended parts of council meetings before and seen ‘prayers’ on the agenda. I presumed this was a weird historical term and didn’t actually mean that prayers were said. I’m shocked we ever included this as part of our council meetings.

What do you think?


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