Goodbye nap time, it’s been swell

Naptime is now officially no more. We’ve been skirting around dropping if for a month or so now and finally bit the bullet a week ago. Bub is still tired in the afternoons and will happily nap for an hour or two. However he then isn’t tired at bedtime and it can easily take over two hours for him to go to sleep. Therefore meaning he gets less sleep overall if he does nap than if he doesn’t.

Naps will be very missed though. A whole two hours, usually, of child free time. Watching videos, reading books, even going out shopping or cycling (so long as Bub’s dad is home of course!)

We’re trying to maintain a bit of a break though, for Bub and us, by having some quiet time. We put him in his room with a toy or two and leave him to his own devices around nap time. A baby gate on the door keeps him from moving around (for now at least.) Seems to be working ok, today he spent about an hour and a half amusing himself with some pirate skittles. I went in after this time and he’d removed his trousers and socks and was lying behind his rocking chair. But otherwise totally happy so it’s all to the good.

The upside of this is that he falls asleep really easily at night time. It’s been months since he’s done this so it’s amazing. It’s not even nine o’clock and he’s fast asleep. Bliss! Finally we have an evening again.

This also means that we can now consider sending Bub to nursery for two afternoons a week. Before his schedule was to completely out of line with most kids (a 9am to 9pm routine with nap around 2-4pm). A waste of time to send him for a morning when he’d not arrive till halfway through the session, and why send him somewhere in the afternoon if he’d otherwise nap for most of the time? But now we have a relentless nap free day I think it’s time. He can have fun and we (mainly my partner) can have a break. All things being well he’ll start nursery in about six weeks.


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