Another big step forward speech wise today. Bub has a new word and kept repeating it lots today. Unfortunately we haven’t a clue what he’s saying. But it’s a good step forward in any case.

Can you help decipher his babble? Your thoughts very welcome!

What he was saying, repeatedly at least ten times in a row, was “ah-tul-yuh”. Occasionally coming out as “ah-drul-yuh”. This started when he was scootering around and then as we praised him he said it more after he’d stopped scootering. First time he’s repeatedly attempted to use any kind of word so a big step forward.

I know he says “ah” for I or me so I think he might be trying to say “I something”. Perhaps “I tell you” or “I show you”.

His understanding is very much there, I wouldn’t put it past him that he might be saying a sentence. But his pronunciation and ability to make sounds is really weak. He has such a limited range of syllables he really could be trying to say anything. He still can’t say ma-ma, instead it comes out as “vra-vra” at best.

So who knows. Is this the beginning of what will be rapidly accelerating speech development? Or another inching step along a very slow and winding path towards a decipherable word or two. Probably both I imagine.


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